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The Doomed Figure of Apophenia 

Graphical Score

Based on the doomed figure mural located at Patrichow church, near Crickhowell, in the Brecon Beacons. This score featured in 'Quirk', compiled by Chris Bradshaw.

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Gated Estates 

4 track Ep

Ambient and atmospheric textures. Composed using analogue synthesizers.


1. An eye on the island

2. Cimmerians

3. Lost Pocket

4. Diplomat Blues


Gwaith Sŵn: Sound Work Volume 1

by Gwaith Sŵn


1. Dan Linn-Pearl - Gap In A Metal Fence 

2. Maciej Miskiewicz - CNCRTMDTNS

3. Marianna Sangita - Big/Open Space

4. Sam Conran - Bacteria OUT 

5. Gyorgy Ono - Ext Void In 2s. 

6. Kevin Ka Wei Chan - Adjacent Cells

7. Paul TQ Freeman - The Long Water

8. Justin Dolby - Philae Approach 

9. Stephen Christopher Stamper - S.O.B (Cassette) 

'Sound Work Volume 1' features compositions by artists who have contributed to Gwaith Sŵn, a London-based collective whose activities include exhibitions, installations and live performances.

Released November 27, 2014

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Sound Work Volume 2: Transmissions

by Gwaith Sŵn


1. Stephen Christopher Stamper - Threnody for Elementary Satellite 1 (Спу́тник-1) 

2. Nikaki - And Lay Out In The Sun 

3. Kevin Ka Wei Chan - From Beyond 

4. Deaf Pictures - Capitalism Downfall

5. A U D R E Y - Trampled Under Glass 

6. Vint Cerf - Study_3

7. Phil Swan - Statistics Revision Tape

8. Jenn Kirby - Phonetics 

9. Paul TQ Freeman - 10000 Revolutions 

'Sound Work Volume 2: Transmissions' features compositions by artists who have contributed to Sonic Darts, a monthly radio show on Resonance 104.4fm produced by the London-based sound art collective Gwaith Sŵn.

Released July 3, 2017

Fictional Frequencies

Satire for Radio

Narrated by Martin Stockdale. Music by Spacial Faceship

Guitar Improvisations using electric guitar, E-bow and found objects.

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