The Gap  (2019)

Sculptural sound installation, video projection, performance

If a tree falls across a river, and there is no-thing around to cross, does it still bridge a gap?


The Gap explores the expedition of sounds as they are witnessed in transit. It is an installation and  performance which mediates the communication of real-time sonic content as it resonates through adjacent material. Attention is focused on the dividing line between the worlds of nature and human interference. The Gap attempts to reconcile the connectedness these realms shared in bridging the gap through intent and causality.

Presented at Sounds Like Listening, Cowley Road Oxford. Sept 2019

Untitled  (Prototype) 2019

Installation exploring notions of boundary and division through sleep and dreamstate.

A single Heras fence panel is re-imagined as a net/gateway/screen between the here and there. Recorded accounts of dreams documented at the moment of waking are projected onto the fence panel by a pair of transducer speakers. 

Questions arise from socio and interpersonal borders; the realms of mystery and the subconscious; the surrealist restructuring of everyday objects.

Presented for MA Sound Arts, Oxford Brookes University

The Archive in the Details (2018) 

Sound / Video installation exploring found archive footage from the Fusion arts centre.  Detailed minutiae has been extracted from assorted VHS tapes and presented in and ambient moving image format. To accompany is a sound piece which signposts the tension between the current value of art centres as integral pillars of society, and their increasingly diffuse location in history.

'The archive in the details’ attempts to bridge the worlds of modern day suburban gentrification and an aging spirit of community which escapes and seeps through the cracks, moving ever forward with new ideas.

Presented at Audiograft 2018, Fusion Arts Centre. Oxford

Footfall  (2017)

Interactive sound installation

Footfall is an installation which explores the soundscape of the exhibition event, by amplifying the minutiae of sonic information available during its realisation.
Footfall examines how the exhibition space is a rich sonic environment containing a myriad of micro-movements, physical vibration and discrete voices.
Footfall is an interactive experience which allows the participant to alter and inhabit a soundworld of their own design.
Footfall allows the exhibition space itself to present its own dialogue for engagement and exploration, and invites the participant to converse directly with the exhibition as an organic form.

Presented at A show about a show. Scaffold Gallery. Manchester

cicada routes v2a.jpg

Babble Streams & Cicada Routes  (2017)

Multi-Channel Sound Installation

Sound work based on collected and composed audio from a recent trip to North America. Audio snippets have been collected and composed into a multi-channel installation, which is played back into a space where position and location will offer a varying sonic narrative.

Presented at Deep Wireless Festival. Ontario. Canada.  Feb 2018

                       High Street Studio. Swansea. Wales. Sept 2017

Alder Hey Hospital Liverool  Hydrotherapy room  (2016)

Theraputic video, sound and light installation

Catrin Jones, Dan Linn-Pearl and David Pearl are a video, sound and light installation artist team, collectively entitled ‘Immersion’. Film, music, sounds and lights have been coordinated to create a unified and congenial experience for the new hydrotherapy pool.

Installed at Alder Hey Children's Hospital, Liverpool.

I Can't hear myself think (2015)

Multi-Channel Sound installation


This work explores the inner monologue. It attempts to consolidate the privacy of the inner mental places, and reflect the confusion that takes place inside the mind. The piece explores what can be ‘heard’ in a non-audible fashion, exported to public attention in an attempt to engage with the intimate self.

Presented at Sound Work, Arbeit Gallery, London. 2015

Wick Jetty  (2014)

Sound & Video Loop, Shell

Terry Nixon said to me that, 'she loved these quiet afternoons in the wick, because you could hear the sea'.

The A12, driving inland from the sea at Great Yarmouth, gathering jellied Eels through the satellite towns of Essex, to the plastic factories of Hackney Wick where dinghies are floated, and then onwards to the Blackwall tunnel, disappearing underground.

Presented at (A) Second Hand, Stoke Newington Studios, London. Jan 2014

Edited Image 2013-3-27-17:5:49

Tunnel of Light  -  Amber Hiscott (2012) 

Stained Glass, Recovered Mining Tunnel, Sound Playback Device.

Installation piece created for Amber Hiscott's MA Stained Glass final show. Amber's paintings, inspired by the neolithic Paviland Cave on the Gower Peninsula, were exported to Stained Glass panels, which were in turn installed onto a section of mining tunnel. Sounds of waves and rocks in and around the cave were recorded, then composed into a soundscape which was played back into the space.

Installed at National Waterfront Museum, Swansea. 2012

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