Artist in Nine Minutes: Amber Hiscott / Four windows for Green Mountin Monastery (2020)

Stained glass artist Amber Hiscott talks about the inspiration, design, working techniques and fabrication of four Cosmic glass panels created for Green Mountain Monastery, Vermont, USA.

Split / Lives (2019) Deaf Pictures / Neurotriage Split / Lives explores the impact of a small acts affecting a life with immense consequences. This short film follow the parallel paths of one person as a simple, accidental fumble creates a split in trajectories. As circumstances unfold we witness how the course of existence, altered by a simple mistake, can change our lives with tragic results.

Breaking the Cycle (2018) Deaf Pictures / Neurotriage A short film celebrating the life of Michael. Michael was an example of someone who experienced both homelessness and a brain injury. He died before receiving the specialist support he needed. Following his death, the professionals involved in his care came together to remember his life and explore what could be learned to prevent this from happening to others.

Artist in Nine Minutes: Steve Parry/Hwyl Nofio (2018) Deaf Pictures / Hwyl Nofio

Artist in nine minutes presents sound artist and musician Steve Parry, who discusses his work in relation to his methods, creative processes and the guise Hwyl Nofio, whom he releases material under. 

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Not my First Rodeo (2016) Deaf Pictures / Neurotriage Runner-up UKABIF 2016 Film Award

It is estimated that at least half the homeless population have sustained a traumatic brain injury. In 2015, Steph Grant (a brain injury survivor with experience of homelessness) and a research team began exploring how and why some brain injured people become homeless. This film tells the story of one of the men, ‘Michael’, who was interviewed as part of the research, illustrating how his psychological and cognitive problems, combined with a dearth in appropriate support can lead to isolation and becoming ‘lost’ to the system.

All the Stars are Gone (2016) Deaf Pictures 

Music video for All the Stars are Gone by The Wow Signal

Dream Sequence for Five People (2014) Deaf Pictures / Rhodri Thomas Swansea-based Composer Gethin Woolcock talks through the process constructing graphical scores during the recording of 'Dream Sequence for 5 People'. The piece became part of his MA Creative Sound Production final project at University of Wales, Trinity Saint David.

Operation Mincemeat (2014) Deaf Pictures

Music video for Operation Mincemeat by Pembrokeshire band Seacow

Learning to Listen: a film about sound (2013) Deaf Pictures

Learning to Listen is a documentary film crossing the dividing lines of experimental music and Sound Art. It is a series of accounts from established artists discussing their work in relation to shifting movements in creative thought and process. The sonic sense is explored through performance, improvisation, technology and sound art. Learning to Listen intends to inform a new audience of work beyond the confines of commercial and traditional sound making. Discourse takes place across the cities of London, Berlin and Amsterdam.

Featured in the film: Ed Baxter, Clive Bell, Kevin Chan, Viv Corringham, Peter Cusack, Paul Freeman, Sylvia Hallett, Ig Henneman, Derek Holzer, Christina Kubisch, Willem de Ridder, Carsten Seiffarth, Jasper Stadhouders, J Milo Taylor, David Toop.

Black Sand (2012) Deaf Pictures

A visual documentary poem filmed during a trip to Iceland. Sweeping cinematography of the natural landscape and architecture are set to a narrative prose, which takes the viewer on a dreamlike journey through the wonders of this still-evolving island. 

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